Marsei Caston Talks Amusement Park Classic and Schools On The Trail

Heading into The Grind Session’s Amusement Park Classic, Potter’s House Christian (FL) point guard Marsei Caston was flying way under my radar. After a game one loss against Aspire Academy (KY) that quickly changed. Caston was head and shoulders above the rest of the players on his team and was frequently called upon to go get a bucket for his team.

He finished the game with 25 points and hits six three-pointers. Throughout the game, Caston handled the ball well despite the pressure applied by Aspire Academy, and was also to dish the ball out to teammates for a couple assists. His strongest part of his game was his shot off the dribble and creating space to attempt those shots, but even though most of the offense was being ran through Caston he still seemed to force shots as the game continued to slip away.

“Before the game I was listening to my favorite music and stayed locked in the whole time. I was able to help my team by coming out and hitting six three’s,” said Caston, “Once that happened, the defense started to step up and I was able to go past them and open things up for my teammates.”

Caston, a transfer from Calusa Prep (FL), spoke about his decision to switch schools as he said, “We had another five-star player at Calusa who left to play on The Grind Session, and when he left I felt it was best for me to leave also.” He also said having family in Jacksonville, where Potter’s House Christian is located, played a part in his decision to transfer.

Even with Caston still flying under the national radar, there have been some schools taking notice of his game. Right now he holds an offer from James Madison University, and has been in contact with schools such as Butler, Dayton, TCU, Florida State, and UNLV.

If Marsei Caston can continue to produce at the level he did in game one of the Amusement Park Classic, he’ll solidify himself as a solid high-major prospect. His ball-handling and shot off the dribble are at an elite level for a high school player. His quickness and speed with the ball make him a threat in any fast break situation. At times his shot seemed a little forced, but in the right situation the scoring load he has to carry for Potter’s House Christian can be lightened. Look for Caston to rise in the Class of 2019 player rankings.


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